Dear Prospective Ghostwriting Client,

Are you looking to build a publishing business selling exciting fiction books on one of the many platforms available? You don’t have to go any further than this page. 

I have been Ghostwriting for six years and for 14 years. I am a poet and prose fiction writer of female empowering short and flash stories, poems, screenplays, and novels of various genres: Erotica, Erotic, Light Romance, Interracial, Steamy Romance, Modern Romance, MOB, Cowboys or  Western, Young Adult, Werewolf, Fantasy, Billionaire (but not like 50 Shades of Gray), SF, Regency, Detective, Literary, 10 part, 10k series, 9 part, 10k series novels or 3 part series (trilogy) novella fiction. Do you want a strong plot with well-drawn characters, setting, situation, theme, dialogue and creativity and exciting drama in a short story or fiction piece? Steamy sexy erotica sex scenes?  Do you want originality? Someone working toward being a full-time writer?  Do you want fiction from a Native English fiction writer?  Then choose me. These prices include the 3% fee, so I receive the full $10 per 100 word Ghostwriting Services I charge.  You can resell the story to multiple customers.  I can only sell it to you once.

I work quickly and efficiently, delivering creative writing under the due date usually. I deliver an original product. I deliver an original product.

Sample of a Ghostwritten Romance Novel:

I charge the following prices showing an inclusive 3% Transaction Fee:

$618.00for 20,000 word Trilogy
$309.00for 30,000 word Trilogy
$247.20for 8,000 word Trilogy
$618.00for 60,000 word novel.
$515.00for 50,000 word novel.
$412.00for 40,000 word novel.
$309.00for 30,000 word novella.
$257.50for 25,000 word novella.
$206.00for 20,000 word novella
$154.50for a 15k novella
$144.20for a 14k novella.
$123.60for a 12k novella
$103.00for 10,000 word story.
$100.00for 9,000 word story.
$92.70  for 8,000 word story.
$72.10  for 7,000 word story.
$61.80  for 6,000 word story.
$51.50  for 5,000 word story.
$41.20  for 4,000 word story.
$30.90  for 3,000 word story.
$20.60  for 2,000 word story.
$10.30  for 1,000 word story.

My "I don't write" answer list is as follows:

*  NO pedo (under 18) sex
*  NO m/m sex or f/f sex
*  NO genetic incest
*  NO sister sleeping with her sister's husband
*  NO brother sleeping with his brother's wife
*  No  stepbrother sleeping with stepsister
*  NO rape
*  NO snuff or killing during sex 
*  NO choking during sex
*  NO transgender
*  NO bestiality
*  NO doctors or hospitals or illnesses
*  NO weather
*  NO dwarfs or midgets
*  NO MOB (burned out on those)
*  NO people having secret affairs on their marriage partner.
*  Think consensual sex, consensual and agreed actions in sex.
*  NO four sets, I can give you a prorated deal on 9 part 10k series.
I like doing trilogies.  

My female characters have agency; they are not victims.  They go after what they want and usually end up getting it.  They are not female characters as in traditional romance novels that suffer and get abused throughout the novel.

The Spice Merchant (Modern Romance Detective Novella)
Love Sweet Home (Mail Ordered Bride)
Sprucing Up the Male Model (Romance Erotica)
Boyfriend Sex App (SF Erotica)
Lolita's Sister (Modern Romance)

I do not commence writing until we have talked via email
To my  or  or

1. What type of fiction you want?
2. What length of fiction you want, under 10k, 10k, 15k, 20k, 30k, series?
3. Format of text, most people use Times Roman, 12 Font, block style text.
4. What time for creation? Usually takes fewer than 8 days for a 10k piece.
5. Series fiction or trilogies are delivered on a week-by-week basis, for example, Part 1 First week, Part 2, second week, Part 3, third week.
6. You will not need to do any further editing, unless you want to change things like characters, and story title on your own.
7. Payment sent and received to my link.

After these above steps are completed, I start your writing project.

I look forward to making your fiction writing projects a success.


Thank you for considering me,

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And the Nine Little Red Riding Hood Endings

I state clearly, I do not believe in fan fiction.  All the characters in any of my novels, novellas or my short stories, flash stories, songs and poems, plays are the sole creation of Cupideros.  And thus cannot be written about by anyone but Cupideros.

May 14, 2012
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