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On Supporting Evil or Good Today!

© by Cupideros, April 9, 2018

​Shills, Control Oppositions, and other agents are supported financially by 1984 Big Brother, Sneaky Service and the One-Head 6 Million Faced MainStream Media.

Geoge Soros supports financial things like Black Lesbians Matter or Black Lives Matter (started by 3 black lesbians) the infiltration movement to push homophile into the black community.

And I firmly believe The Communist Manifesto is an evil book. Communism is a system of death. It only destroys.  

It seems evil understands the practicality of getting their evil message out into the world.

Good, on the other hand, is very naive about understanding the practicality of getting their Good message out into the world!

If people who support the Good Causes were supported financially by those who believe in the Good Causes, and do the work to bring about Good, our world could change overnight!

But what happens is people who believe in Good Causes, simply virtue signal, virtue clap, and virtue agree with those holding Good Causes messages. This is why Good Causes always fail throughout history and have to re-restarted again. No one offers financial support to those people who clearly and with vision understand and speak for the Good Causes; those clearly and willing to put their Good visions into worldly action.

There is probably some funding organization called 666 Genders pushing all this gender nonsense on everyone.

Gay Obama put 1 billion dollars behind spreading the destructive Homophilie Agenda throughout the USA alone.  

A teacher exposes the LGBT agenda coming into in elementary schools

How the LGBT movement is infiltrating churches


If you want more information on supporting Good or the state of the feminism cult today and understanding the 1984 Sneaky Plans for spreading Chaos, join my Patreon.  Support my Good Work.


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